Our quality products and services support, foster and help achieve strategic business goals.
Communication Management

Our wide range of corporate communication management services includes all aspects of internal and external communication programmes and campaigns. Our services include creating and engineering communication strategies, in line with our client’s overall strategic business plans.


We constantly find new ways and words with which to communicate and embed our client’s messages in the hearts and minds of their target markets and use project management principles to drive programmes and campaigns from the beginning to the end. We stay in close contact with members of the media should that benefit our clients’ cause.


We manage our client’s internet and social media as a communication management tool or as part of a campaign or programme to target a specific outcome. We also get to grow their customer and brand relationships while we have fun on the internet.


A strong visual art component is what brings our client’s vision and passion to life. Our team of vibrant artists love the variety, challenges and extremeness of using computer graphics to foster and embed corporate messages.


When we develop and manage corporate social investment programmes, our aim is firmly set on achieving the corporate governance goals of our clients. Once the programmes have been identified, we marry the CSI efforts with our client’s strategic business plans so that strong stakeholder relationships are developed.

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How shall I talk of the sea to the frog if it has never left its pond? How shall I talk of the frost to the bird of the Summerland if it has never left the land of its birth? How shall I talk of life with the sage if he is prisoner of his doctrine? (Chuang Tzu), 3rd century BC
We commit ourselves to our clients with personal attention, individual assessments and original thought.

SeaFrog Communication provides a corporate communication management service to companies who wish to outsource this service and focuses on developing and implementing marketing, communication and public relations as a strategic management tool within a company.

SeaFrog’s vast network in the developing areas of KZN also affords it to implement and manage a wide variety of corporate social investment programmes for their clients. Situated between Durban and Richards Bay, SeaFrog Communication is able to reach any size industry in and beyond the two cities using the latest technology. SeaFrog Communication is the ideal space in which young freelance artists and writers can collaborate to compliment the company and their client's vibrant ideas.

We make use of every effort to develop long-term business relationships with our clients which is built on honesty, mutual admiration and confidence. Our fabulous team of creative people work strategically within these parameters to help establish, grow and sustain our client's business communication plans.


We commit ourselves to our clients with personal attention, individual assessments and original thought.

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